Tower Design & Install

“Your Connectivity Partner at work”.


Towers for Wireless. When your wireless communication solution requires a tower, Wired World Communications skilled installation technicians can create a safe and effective solution. Working with tower manufacturers such as Maxtower based out of Brantford Ontario, who can manufacturer free-standing or guyed towers up to 300 feet in height. All towers are engineered by their on-site certified engineer.

Wired World Communications Inc. is capable of providing a fully integrated wireless network solution including towers, wireless point to point or point to multi-point networking electronics, and structured cabling (data /voice/fire optics).

Maintenance, Wired World Communications Inc. can provide maintenance contracts to maintain your network before loss of connectivity. Preventative maintenance is key when wireless hardware, cable and connectors are subject to the elements. Tightening antenna’s, checking waterproofing and grounding once or twice a year is key to prevent wear or water damage to key elements of your wireless network.

Insurance, Does your current installer have the proper Insurance? Wired World Communications Inc carries a 5 million dollar policy that is specific to tower/rigging and tower installation.We can supply are policy at any time. Call us for more Info!



Services include:

  • Permit Applications
  • Antenna alignment
  • Compounds
  • Roadways
  • Tower reinforcement
  • Antenna Changes
  • Fencing/Sono guards
  • Grounding Systems
  • Ice guards
  • Gui wire tensioning/replacement
  • Tower erection 30′ to 300′
  • Re-lamping
  • Painting
  • Tower replacement
  • Roof top mast and mounts
  • Masts/guyed & sled mount