Residential Cabling

Wired World Communications Inc. offers Residential cabling for any size home. This process of installing Cat5e Data cable, Cat3 Voice cable and coax throughout your home insures you won’t be left behind for new technology. Having a phone, Data and coax line to every room ensure when your children reach high school and College or University they can easily be hooked to the World Wide Web. Having multiple runs of voice, data and coax ensures everyone in your home can have access to the internet at the same time. Having a home office and an extra phone line will be no problem, a quick cross connect and you are on your way.


You can design as many drops as you like to any room in your house when it is being built. If you are planning on satellite TV, you can run two or three coax cables to the south point of your home so as not to have cables running outside of your home. Having multiple coax drops to your main viewing area can ensure that you can feed TV to any room in your home you would like.


In addition to television and satellite cable, speaker cable and security wire can also be run at the time of construction. Planning your future needs can save you a headache and unsightly wires after construction is complete.